What is EDEN Solution?

EDEN Solution adds an edible layer of chemical-free protection on the surface of fresh produce, and help preserve the logervity of fresh produce.

How does EDEN keep freshness?

EDEN adds an edible layer of chemical-free protection on the surface of fresh produce, this layer helps slow produce's respiration rate and microbial growth - the causes of food spoilage.

What is EDEN made of?

EDEN is made of the mixture between multiple natural compounds and fruit extracted substance. So EDEN is chemical-free solution which is edible and safe.

Is EDEN safe?

EDEN is made from all natural and food graded ingredients, so it is 100% safe to consume and apple to Global GAP produces.

How to apply EDEN?

Dip or spray or any other method to let EDEN cover the surface of your fresh produce, leave or use air flow to dry your fresh produce for several seconds then everything is set.

Does EDEN have smell or taste?

EDEN itself has smell and taste but once applied over the fresh produce, the fresh produce would neither change its smell nor taste.

Food Allergy?

EDEN is derived from non-allergic ingredients, so it should be safe more most people if not all.

How to clean EDEN off?

As EDEN is passed edible, so you do not need to clean EDEN at all.

Produces that are able to treat with EDEN at this time?

We have at least 10+ digits of fresh produces that can be applied EDEN to. The list keeps growing from how our partners would like to test EDEN to more and more vegetable and fruit. Currently, EDEN can apply to three types of fresh produces; (1) On the flesh (2) On the peel (3) On the flesh before drying process

Can I get a sample?

Sure. Please contact our team and let them know which fresh produces you would like to try, and they will help you find the best way for your application.

Invest in EDEN?

EDEN is a private-held company. We open to raise our fund from time to time. If you would like to enlist in our investor list and be contacted at the time of our next round, please get in touch with our team.

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